Sales Conditions tells his customer what you and Hasås, as a supplier, must adhere to the trading process. It is important that you as a customer puts you well into our sales conditions.

  1. Binding sale agreement
    An offer is not binding if it is not accepted within 4 weeks after mailing. Sale or other agreements seller officials or representatives conveys, is binding until a written order confirmation from the seller, or by delivery has commenced. Order Confirmation is considered accepted by the Buyer if not done a written objection against the seller within 3 days after mailing.
  2. Sales Item
    Refer to discount matrix statements. Discounts. If precut or fremplukkede lengths arranged this in each case. It is important that customer at every opportunity checks that amount and unit matches the needs / order.
  3. Delivery
    Stocked products are delivered promptly, in agreement with the customer. Not stocked goods must be expected somewhat longer delivery time. Specially made ​​profiles and dimensions agreed in each case.
  4. Any complaints
    Claims for any reason shall be notified in writing and within eight days after the goods are received. Transport damage should be noted on the waybill upon receipt. Goods that are adopted will not be replaced. Claims Narrow up to value of care delivery.
  5. Selection of dimensions
    Hasås reserves the right to change dimensions and shape to the catalog standard, without obligation to advance information.
  6. Complaints
    Upon receipt of the goods the buyer control duty and the claim must be made ​​immediately. By quantity discrepancies must itemized list deviation accompany. Complaints for quality deviations shall be made ​​immediately the fault or should have discovered, Complaints made ​​later than one year from receipt works accepted. It is incumbent upon the buyer to document any damage or missing for straight conveyors. If there are significant deficiencies in the product that sells liable, the seller the option to remedy the defect, giving a price reduction, or making a new delivery.
  7. Limitation
    Seller is not liable for damage, indirect loss or damage is a result of using the product, or for other types of consequential liability, unless there are errors or deficiencies in the product that can be traced back to intentional or gross negligence of the seller and where the from purchasing detected foreseeable causal link between the impugned fault / deficiency and the occurred damage. Merchants any liability does not apply to any part of the delivery of more than 1 year from date of delivery.
  8. Disputes
    In common of litigation applies seller’s jurisdiction.
  9. Payment
    Payment terms are specified in an agreement made ​​with each customer.
  10. Sales Pant
    Seller retains a lien on the delivered goods until they are fully paid, subject to the limitations followed by mortgage law.
  11. Return
    Return must be arranged in advance. Enter ca. amount and type of goods. There will be return fee of 16%. Goods that are custom ordered from suppliers are credited according to the individual subcontractor conditions. It charged return shipping if the return must be retrieved with a separate car. Specially commissioned and specially manufactured goods can not be returned.